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Employer of Record

Quick Employment is the employer of record for our clients and employees. We are committed to providing excellent services to both. I-9's and E-Verify screenings are performed on each new hire. Orientation, job assignments, and duties are presented to each  temporary. We pay all employee’s payroll taxes as well as Federal and State Unemployment Benefits and Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Payroll is done electronically (direct deposit). Paystubs may be downloaded on payday. Annual W-2’s may also be downloaded by employees beginning the 3rd Friday in January.

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Leaving Our Mark

Employers: The next time you have staffing needs, contact Quick Employment. Your goal to find a talented employee will become our goal too.

Employees: when you are looking for employment, contact Quick Employment. We want to hire a skilled employee who can effectively work as a team member as well as independently with a reputable employer. 


Quick Employment is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employers rely on qualified employees. Talented staff is crucial in maintaining business stability. Employees, visit the Job Tips page for employment tips now.

Quick Employment is Locally Owned & Operated and Worldwide Affiliated

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Results
  • Perseverance

Our Responsibility

Quick Employment will continue to stay up to date with employment laws and regulations so we can continue to exceed both clients' and employees' expectations.


Employers, employees, Ohio colleges, schools and communities, we appreciate your referrals and repeat business. Thank you for choosing Quick Employment to partner with you. Meeting your staffing needs has been a win-win for the temporary workers that were hired permanently.