Our Services

Temporary to Hire - Is our most popular service. It is a working interview. It gives the employer an opportunity to observe the temporary's skills and abilities to determine if the temp is a good fit for their business.

Contracts - Long-term assignments

Direct Hires - Quick Employment can recruit your next  employee

Seasonal Positions - Landscaping, Sport Services: dishwashers prep cooks, porters and warehouse

Human Resources - Staffing consultant

Why Choose Quick Employment?

 We understand with the correct placements the temporaries and clients are both happy and satisfied. Recruiting applicants and filling job orders is what we do.

Skilled Talent is in High Demand

To meet employers job orders we are constantly reviewing resumes, interviewing and testing skills. We interview more applicants in one week than some employers do in one year. 

Park Aide: Seasonal Position, 4/2022-12/2022
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Our Recruiting Process Has Been Tried And Proven To Be Successful

Seasonal Supervisor: Valid Driver's License, 4/2022-12/2022 Click on the image for more details.

  • The process begins with matching the applicants’ skills to the employers job order.
  • The next step is the interview; it includes the tests needed to perform the employers' job duties.
  • When the interview and assessments meet the employers' job order we will check references, complete background searches, and drug screenings at our clients request.
  • Once the applicants are vetted we email their resumes to the employers to choose a temporary employee.
  • The final onboarding decision is made when the client let us know they would like to hire the temporary employee.
  • Another success story with a reliable employer with benefits!

Our Workforce

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Office Services
  • Medical Administration
  • Landscaping
  • Environmental Services


Debora W.

Quick Employment is professional with high integrity. I learned a lot about employment expectations. Great company to work for, I truly feel valued as an employee.

Jackie S.

Sherall Hardy is a consummate business owner, whose character is pristine. As a business manager of a $5 million dollar manufacturing company, for many years she helped my company in hiring from 300 to 500 temporary workers.

Ark K.

Quick Employment is professional, attentive, friendly and great at finding employment. The service is excellent and they work quickly and patiently. Ms. Hardy and her company are strongly recommended if you're looking for a job!